Sofa repair and leather upholstery work in Leeds

We provide bespoke upholstery for the new or old furniture at your home or business. We also provide you with furniture restoration services in Leeds.

Complete re-upholstery work 

Our team of experts can re-upholster a variety of furniture. Our team specialises in bespoke upholstery work for furniture that is new or old including dated antique furniture. We can also repair and restore damaged furniture and re-upholster as per your requirements. With over 30 years of experience, we can help you choose the right fabric, materials and colours for your furniture. Take a look at our recent work to see the quality of our upholstery work
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Soft furnishing

Fixed bar seating

We provide upholstery for fixed bar seats. We also offer an out-of-hours service so that you can continue business while the refurbishment work is underway.

Bar sofas, stools and tub chairs

Keep your bar furniture up to British Standards with quality upholstery from Able and Able Upholstery. We can re-upholster or supply new stools and chairs based on your requirements.
Soft furnishing and table

luxury chair

Bespoke chairs

Get a chair that is correct for your height and fits your posture perfectly. If you need additional depth or width, we'll get it done. Visit us for bespoke chairs in Leeds.

Different materials for cushion fillings

At Able and Able Upholstery you can choose from foam, fibre and feather cushion interiors. 

  • All our foam interiors are compliant with British Standards 5852-2:1982 and are available in 3 different densities
  • The fibre interiors give you a real soft feel while maintaining the shape of the cushion
  • Get a luxurious feel with still duck down feathers as interior fillings
cushion filling chairs

3 piece suites

3 piece suites

We have a variety of sofa sets to cater to different customer requirements and budgets. Choose sofas and suites from a selection of sizes, fabric and colours to suit your needs.

Modern furniture

Modern style furniture, minimalist design and quality fabric such as chenille, cotton, linens and cords. We use straighter and simpler lines to create a new look that many of our customers are asking for.
modern style furniture

soft furnishing

Traditional furniture

With curved shapes and fabric, we can create traditional looking furniture for your needs. We have a wide range of traditional fabrics and fillings including ruche and fringe to give you the finish you need.
Leather upholstery, sofa repairs and furniture restoration services in Leeds and the nearby areas. Contact us at Able and Able Upholstery on 
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